13 Sep

Google-Google & Google

The combination between Google-Google & Google

Data collection represents an important portion of the daily activities in online marketing.

In the current time, technicians and marketers can gather quite of lot information about the performance of online content. By analyzing the gathered data, it becomes possible to determine to what extent a particular piece of online content matches the expectation in terms of money, time, and last but not least effort.

During my training, I learn participants to work with tools. These tools are partly provided by Google, and also by other providers explaining the difference Google-Google and non-Google. As an end-result, attendees know how to measure the performance of all relevant online platforms, and subsequently draw conclusions to what extent an investment has constituted the expected result.

For both marketing- and sales departments it would be a significant value-adding solution when they are capable to analyze how visitors correspond to the provided content, as well as, the ability to create highly-personalized content.