Training Google

Masterclass Google SEO Public Universities of Applied Sciences Netherlands 

A ‘Google Training’ combined with Online Marketing can be offered as ‘Masterclass‘, ‘Workshop and ‘Conference‘.

  1. Masterclass: in two days, a technical in-depth training will teach participants how they can increase the performance of online channels. After completion, participants know how to get more effective results out of: SEO & SEA, Social Media, Blogging, Link-building and UX & Usability. 
  2. Workshop: in óne day, participants will get an advanced training about Google and Online Marketing. Participants learn which actions are necessary in order to create a more efficient, as well as, effective performing online business.  
  3. Conference: during a Conference, a general overview about Google and Online Marketing will be presented. Participants will learn basic actions how you can improve an online business’ performance.

We offer the following training courses:

  1. Google Visibility: this training will explain how- and when companies are able to rank for top-positions in Google ‘Search’.  A part of this training, will focus on alternative methods in order to increase brand awareness of all relevant online channels. 
  2. Google-Google & Google: this training is about the tools offered from Google, as well as the so called ‘non-Google tools’ which are provided by other companies than Google. 
  3. Google’s Algorithm: the purpose of this training is to teach participants, ‘why’ it is beneficial to tune an online business towards Google’s Algorithm and the interrelation with online marketing. 

Each training requires a minimum amount of participants, for more information about prices, location and other questions, please fill in the contact form