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Training Google's Penguin Algorithm

Each ‘online marketing action plan’ is specified on a business profile; therefore it is necessary to receive access codes about Google Analytics (Roll-up) and ‘searchconsole’. Considering the fact that some information might be discreet, all our ‘actionplans‘  will be offered on an individual basis intakeand start with an

Prior to the actual optimisation process, each online channel has to be investigated separately in order to determine its amount of relevance. A tailored online action plan will help businesses to achieve the most effective results for each ‘relevant’ online channel. Subsequently, companies will learn to work according to a consistent method, enabling them to reduce costs for external partners and establish an advanced level of knowlegde in online marketing. 

All our ‘tailored plans‘ contain a combination of the following disciplines: SEO & SEA, Social Media & Blogging, Linkbuilding, UX & Usability and Analytics & Data. The delivery timeframe will be based on the following set of stages:

Stage 1) Intake

Stage 2) Analyse and determine current status of online platforms

Stage 3) Set budget and outline organisational structure

Stage 4) Action plan development

Stage 5) Analytics and data