SEO White Hat

Google’s regulations

To what extent is an online business developed according to Google’s guidelines? Search Engine Optimisation (abbreviated as SEO) can be carried out in different methods, a common difference is ‘White Hat‘ (legitimate) and ‘Black Hat‘ (illegitimate): ‘our method‘ is strictly in accordance with Google’s policies and regulations (White Hat). 

If businesses want to improve their ranking for both competitive and non-competitive keywords in Google ‘Search,’ it is a necessity to understand Google’s guidelines. This process, however, might be quite technical and should only be executed by professionals who have gained a deep understanding of this industry.

Over the years, we have helped many companies to achieve more effective results on all of their ‘relevant‘ online channels. For those who are interested, we can offer a technical overview, including a methodology of our tailored online action plan. 

How to gain trust?

Google, has stated that: “websites should generate trust“, as well as include promoted content which should add value and correspond to a visitor’s search-query.  Websites that want to rank well for competitive keywords in ‘Google Search’ should therefore optimise for both ‘Panda‘ and ‘Penguin‘ algorithms. 

Our ‘tailored action plans‘ will include an ‘evergreen-solution‘ to improve a company’s ranking ability with the intention of outranking competitors. 

How to achieve more effecting results out all ‘relevant’ online channels?

In order to determine which strategy best matches a clients’ business profile, we need some additional information, such as: budget, team, in-house knowledge, access code or roll-up from Google Analytics.  

Together with this information, we will develop a tailored online action plan in either Excel or Spreadsheet, that will be presented during an in-company training session. Our price would depend on the amount of websites and online channels involved.