24 Nov


Algorithm update 3.0

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that the two concepts called ‘Black and White Hat’ are dominant factors in Google’s algorithm, and thus vital for the online visibility for websites and webshops. 

Currently, Google is filtering their algorithm with new regulations one has to keep in mind, as an example to this: I have recently been called by a person who explained to me that his website has fallen from a well obtained top position in list one in Google Search, back to list seven. An occasional fallback from a website is nothing new, as this has happened before, however, due to the recent 3.0 algorithm update, I believe this will happen more frequently in the near future. 

Considering this recent update, it will become a challenge to make sure your website is still in line with Google’s 3.0 algorithm regulations. From a practical point, this means that existing deployed tactics should be re-analyzed in order to determine whether these are still accountable. Websites, having executed too much ‘Black Hat’ strategies (illegitimate strategies violating Google’s regulations) are risking a comparable fall down as the one mentioned above, or will not rank for top positions for highly competitive keywords.  

In my previous blog, I copied two links referring to Google’s guidelines and policies. Links, in itself are still the linchpin in Google’s algorithm. According to Google’s announcement links need to generate: subject relevancy, trust and authority, which after the 3.0 algorithmic update, have become even more influential signals as they already were. My advice, is to determine to what extent your websites linking platform are still in accordance with today’s regulations.