13 Oct



With the current online marketing environment, people are familiar with concepts such as: SEO, SEA, Social Media, Conversion and Analytics; on the contrary, it becomes rather vague for people if concepts such as ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White Hat’ are mentioned. In my view, the importance of both becomes more visible in algorithmic changes, since they possess significant influence and value in the optimization process of websites.

Before talking about Google’s algorithm, I think it’s beneficial people do understand what an algorithm means in the first place, and second its purpose: as Wikipedia states, an algorithm is:

“A set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations” 


If we now talk about Google’s algorithm, there are a couple of basic principles, one should keep in mind:

  • According to Google’s announcement their algorithm contains over 200 factors, also called signals
  • Nobody outside Google knows the exact algorithm
  • The value of each ranking factor of the algorithm is variable

It is no secret, Google by far is the most well-known and used search engine on a global scale, in Western European countries its percentage ranks over 90%, making other search engines completely irrelevant from a business point of view.

For businesses it’s always useful to check the algorithmic status of their website, and to analyze whether or not their site is in-line with Google’s regulations along with its search providing policies.

In my next blog, I will talk more detailed about the two above mentioned concepts, and its influence on websites.