27 May

Productfeeds and Links

Product-feeds and Links

In the current ‘internet-environment’ online shops are obligated to work with product-feeds. From a practical point of view, feeds can contain up to thousands of characters, frequently depending on its product specifications. Firms should also pay attention to an online platforms regulations and policies. ‘Google Shopping’, is a very popular and frequently used platform for the promotion of products, here one has to be aware that feed performance is connected to the ‘Google Shopping Guidelines’. Although it is possible to develop your own feeds, it would be wise to have guidance from an Expert.

‘Links’ also like product-feeds, might contain quite a lot of information. Due to the algorithmic strength of which ‘links’ do carry, I would urge everyone to spend enough time on this element, as it will have a direct influence on our visibility in ‘Search’. Particularly since the latest algorithm changes have caused a shift towards quality rather than quantity. One of the starting points for an online business is the integration of keywords within the URL codes. Whenever, someone wants to either promote or refer to online content this is often realized via a link.